Brand success comes from
knowing what to do…

The Mixx is a multi-disciplined, media neutral agency that has the expertise and know-how to bring powerful communications into the complex and cluttered marketplace. Our services—and the expertise that fuels them—provide brands a real and measurable presence in the lives of customers: online, through conventional channels and beyond.

…and exactly how to do it.

We deliver brands and their messages through unique and effective media, all in the name of fostering advocacy and building brand success. No brand’s challenges are identical, and so the journey is always different. It’s our flexible, turnkey process that navigates the course.



We immerse ourselves in a brand’s history and analyze its presence, audiences, competitors, and both its successes and missed opportunities to establish critical insights.



Data is analyzed, inspiration is gathered, and planning begins. A course is defined to implement resources efficiently and to develop creative solutions with metrics attached.



Our creative teams are activated and begin the development of communications to catalyze advocates and deliver a brand’s message and meaning to audiences.



Our solutions are flawlessly deployed through targeted channels, which offer the greatest value for a brand and saturation for its audiences.



Using built-in mechanisms, we track a campaign’s progress, assessing and assuring the alignment of a brand’s objectives with audience engagement.