Diving into target insights and category research, The Mixx art directed and produced a unique video narrative used by Mercedes-Benz to promote Pride Month via their social channels. As the LGBTQ community’s relationship with brands evolves, brands need to evolve their approach when targeting and communicating with this audience. We recognize that the conversation has shifted from the sexual innuendo, a pride flag or rainbow and even an idealized romantic, same sex couple to a conversation that reflects and celebrates real moments in the LGBTQ community and the landscape we all live in. Based on our understanding of the brand and the role their products play in our lives, we let our insights into the current conditions of the LGBTQ community lead us to celebrate the Chosen family; a unique but new universal phenomenon within the community.

"The chosen family is a group of individuals who deliberately choose one another to play significant roles in each other’s lives. It’s a group of people to who you are emotionally close and consider “family” even though you are not biologically or legally related (source: 



  • 64% of LGBTQ Baby Boomers say they have a chosen family.

  • 42% of LGBTQ individuals report taking time off to care for a chosen family member

  • Fewer than 20% of American household consist of traditional nuclear families.

  • NYC, LA & Chicago all have passed laws to include “chosen family” in their Paid Sick and Safe Time Laws.

  • Those who identify as queer and trans especially rely on their chosen family.


Amplify Mercedes-Benz and their vehicles as a safe space for the LGBTQ community, by highlighting the “Chosen Family,” and its significance/importance within the LGBTQ community and the role that the brand plays within that environment. In doing so, the LGBTQ audience would consider the brand an informed ally, consider the brand for their next vehicle, and reinforce the support to existing LGBTQ drivers and allies.


When we released the 2017 LGBTQ campaign, many comments posted on Facebook were from MB LGBTQ drivers sharing their cars and their stories. This occurrence inspired us to be as authentic as possible with our creative. Instead of models, we used real people, real moments in their lives, and their actual interview responses for the voice-over in the 60 second spot. By showing real people and authentic relatable moments, we are continuing the conversation that celebrates their lives and their MB vehicles, while also strengthening the relationship between the brand and the community.

Here’s what they had to say…


Digital roll-out

Taking the photography and messaging created for the video deliverable, The Mixx created a wide range of rich media, interactive HTML 5 Banners, and social posts that were strategically targeted to the LGBTQ community and allies. These ads helped boost engagement and increase brand awareness.

When it comes to starting an LGBTQ campaign, brands and companies who are hesitant to enter the space can follow the example of Mercedes Benz, who took a “ground-up” approach. Mirroring the timeline of marriage equality in the US, their campaigns progressed from focusing on the product, to shifting communication to focus on the larger LGBTQ community.
— Kevin Milian, Associate, Product & Innovation, Carat US and Head of Carat PRISM, internal LGBTQ+ community group