Introducing our third Hero of Pride!

In celebration of the NYC arrival of WorldPride 2019, The Mixx is honoring 12 individuals who are making a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ community. Our third Pride Hero is CEO Suki Sandhu, CEO of Audeliss and Founder of OUTstanding, an LGBT+ membership organization. Read the interview below!

What is your favorite thing about being involved with the NYC LGBTQ Community? 

SUKI: My favorite thing about the NYC LGBTQ Community has to be the fantastic and inspiring business leaders that I’ve been able to connect with. They are role models doing incredible things in their organizations and beyond – driving change and smashing glass ceilings for themselves and other LGBTQ people.
I also love how supportive they are of each other. Opening our NY office here has been spectacular as the LGBT+ community has really helped me out with connecting me with lots of fabulous contacts who love what we’re doing here, which is leading to a GAYconomy of business opportunities which quite frankly is how it should be.

Who is your "Hero of Pride" and why?

SUKI: Christopher Bailey is "one" of my Pride Heroes.  He was the CEO and then the Chief Creative Officer of Burberry. For his last collection earlier this year, he dedicated it to the queer community and the rainbow-featured heavily in his designs - this may not sound important, but it was huge.  Burberry sells their product in very unfriendly LGBT countries like China, Russia, and the Middle East and he overlooked commercial implications as LGBTQ inclusion was more important to him. I was also very lucky to attend the final fashion show and seeing the rainbow everywhere was joyous and tearful. Such a proud moment and I love that he celebrated our community globally and so publicly.

What is your favorite activity in NYC?

SUKI: SoulCycle! Whether it’s first thing in the morning to get me pumped up or at the end of a packed day of meetings to wind down, nothing else is quite like it. We have similar studios in London but it’s not the same. I love the American enthusiasm, spirit and positive affirmations. Plus, the music is awesome!


As a partner to the LGBTQ Community, The Mixx is thrilled to be able to put the spotlight on some of our personal heroes all year long. Stay tuned for the next installment, and reach out for more on how YOU can get involved with WorldPride 2019!

Lisa Chernin