Introducing our sixth Hero of Pride!

In celebration of the NYC arrival of WorldPride 2019, The Mixx is honoring 12 individuals who are making a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ community. Our sixth Pride Hero is Meredith Augustin, talented singer & musician, and backbone of the LGBT community at the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi. Read the interview below!

What is your favorite thing about being involved with the NYC LGBTQ Community? 

MEREDITH: My favorite thing about being involved with the NYC LGBTQ Community is watching love prevail. It is my 10th year at The Church of St. Francis of Assisi - and my 9th year of being the staff liaison to our LGBT Ministry. It has been such a humbling experience encountering individuals who want to live out their faith, but are so afraid that they aren’t welcome. To reassure them that our doors are wide open, that ALL ARE WELCOME (and we mean it), has been such a privilege. Love wins, hands down! Journeying with couples who marry, adopt children, and have them baptized on our altar is a gift. My prayer is that love will continue to infiltrate and that everyone realizes they are welcome and worthy to be at the table of the Lord. 

Who is someone that you believe has paved the way for the community?

MEREDITH: Interesting question... It’s really impossible to name “a person.” I firmly believe NYC has paved the way, and that because of its outspread arms to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, they found courage to live authentically and have paved the way for generations that follow. They have brought us to where we are today. When our LGBTQ brothers and sisters were not being treated fairly, NYC RIOTED. It is so, so fitting that World Pride is celebrated on this 50th year here in this amazing city. 

What is your favorite culinary hidden gem in NYC?

MEREDITH: Hahaha. Wellllll. Hmmm. I adore so many chefs and restaurants in this city, I have to really think. I am Italian by heritage, so I’m a little partial to amazing Italian food. I’m going to shout out Brooklyn for a happening spot in my neighborhood that I adore! It’s called Camillo and is located on Nostrand Avenue. First of all, their house wine makes me feel like I am in Italy! They also have an amazing list of Amari (digestives), as well as a fabulous variety of Negronis. Not to mention their delicious homemade pinsa (Roman Flatbreads) and pastas! Go!


As a partner to the LGBTQ Community, The Mixx is thrilled to be able to put the spotlight on some of our personal heroes all year long. Stay tuned for the next installment, and reach out for more on how YOU can get involved with WorldPride 2019!

Lisa Chernin