Introducing our eleventh Hero of Pride!

In celebration of the NYC arrival of WorldPride 2019, The Mixx is honoring 12 individuals who are making a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ community. Our eleventh Pride Hero is Eric Hildebrand, Lifestyle & Branded Entertainment at Mercedes-Benz USA. Read the interview below!

What does Pride mean to you?

ERIC: Pride is celebration! A celebration of honoring your self-truth and the self-truth of the community that surrounds you. Pride is the big wins, the small wins, and the defeated moments that create character and define the future. 

When you think about important figures and moments in LGBTQ history, who is someone that stands out for you as having really helped pave the way for the community?

ERIC: Ellen DeGeneres. Since her "coming out," Ellen has been a strong voice for the LGBTQ community and has shown how celebrities can shape people’s beliefs and values through entertainment. Ellen is a beacon of truth and positivity and she is part of the reason I have also been more vocal in honoring the LGBTQ community. We all need to be allies and participants in championing local and national LGBTQ conversations which continue to shape our community. It’s often that such individuals go unrecognized despite the monumental sparks they ignite within their own communities. I’m so proud to be a part of the Pride Beyond 30 “mixx.”

We know you are Atlanta-based, but what part of the New York City experience do you enjoy most when you are here?

ERIC: I may be Atlanta-based but there is nothing better than a Sunday Matinee on Broadway followed by dinner at a fun neighborhood restaurant. Being a fellow New Yorker, I still enjoy getting lost on the city streets discovering the new, the old, and the hidden. I love the sense of individualism and self-expression that floods the city. New York City is a community of communities where everyone "fits," no matter your background or talent. 

The Mixx is very proud to be working with you and Mercedes-Benz USA on its LGBTQ-focused campaign, now in its fifth year. Will you share some thoughts on your brand’s view of this program and the business imperative behind reaching the LGBTQ community?

ERIC:  Authentic and thoughtful. These are the two words that kicked-off our first campaign. Five years later, it’s hugely gratifying to look back on the body of work that we’ve sculpted together. We’ve created not only an authentic and thoughtful campaign, but one that has given our LGBTQ owners and brand supporters a safe space to be themselves and share the Pride they have for the Mercedes-Benz brand. It’s been amazing to see how the community has interacted with the brand since the campaign’s launch and the to hear the stories that have been voluntarily shared. 

The LGBTQ community is one of trendsetters and early adopters. Loyalty runs high and economically it’s a demographic that spends on what they believe in. It has been an honor to show the support Mercedes-Benz has for the LGBTQ community through our relationship with The Mixx and the work we’ve done together. The best is yet to come!   

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As a partner to the LGBTQ Community, The Mixx is thrilled to be able to put the spotlight on some of our personal heroes all year long. Stay tuned for the next installment, and reach out for more on how YOU can get involved with WorldPride 2019!

Lisa Chernin