For the fifth year in a row, The Mixx has creatively lead the Mercedes-Benz LGBTQ campaign, and has continually strengthened the brand’s relationship with the LGBTQ community over the years. Through cultural landscape research and community interviews, The Mixx determined that “community” and “LGBTQ history” will be the focus of conversation surrounding Pride 2019 and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, an important milestone in LGBTQ US history. With this insight and The Mixx’s deep understanding of Mercedes-Benz brand goals, we developed this year’s “Together” campaign.



“Together” is a campaign concept that celebrates the bonds and support that exists within the diverse LGBTQ community. Mercedes-Benz is an ally, and the 2019 campaign aims to affirm the brand’s commitment to the community and to support its successes, its history, and its road ahead. Through a well-crafted story, the brand and the community are brought together seamlessly and naturally, with Mercedes-Benz positioned as a true, strong supporter for community’s movement forward.


The Mixx values co-creation, and like 2018’s Chosen Family campaign, we again included a diverse group for our 2019 cast to partake in the creation of this campaign. This year we featured transgender activist, model, dance, and actor Leyna Bloom, who contributed her voice-over to our long-form video. Having the community involved not only adds authenticity to the creative, but allows them to participate in the effort.


  • Video content

  • Social content

  • Digital ads

Digital roll-out

Taking the campaign photography and messaging, The Mixx created a wide range of rich media, interactive HTML 5 Banners, and social posts that were strategically targeted to the LGBTQ community and allies.

When it comes to starting an LGBTQ campaign, brands and companies who are hesitant to enter the space can follow the example of Mercedes Benz, who took a “ground-up” approach. Mirroring the timeline of marriage equality in the US, their campaigns progressed from focusing on the product, to shifting communication to focus on the larger LGBTQ community.
— Kevin Milian, Associate, Product & Innovation, Carat US and Head of Carat PRISM, internal LGBTQ+ community group